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2022-09-23 21:17:37 By : Mr. Michael SJ

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For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, the electro-hydraulic park lock module from Valeo has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.

Electro-hydraulic park lock module provides linear movement via hydraulic pressure, the gearbox electronic controller regulates the electromagnetic valve to control the supply of hydraulic pressure, and a displacement sensor is integrated to monitor the shifting  position of the actuator piston, major technical parameters as following: 

1) Operating Temp.:-40°C - +140°C

4) Response time:<250ms @ RT

1) Major components adopt high performance engineering plastics, 25% weight reduction compared with the adaptation of conventional metal material;

2) Extreme compact and modular design, integrated locking solenoid, electromagnetic valve, displacement sensor, cable harness as well as mechanical actuation and loading parts, simplified the assembly process in OEM production;

3) Provides emergency unlock P function。

AT, DCT, CVT, DHT, single or multi-speed reducer of eDrive

Valeo PAS Electro-Hydraulic Park Lock actuator entered into SOP in Apr. 2020 for a local major gearbox maker's 7 speed wet DCT platform, and successively equipped in several top local OEMs’flagship SUV model, cumulated delivery volume already exceeds 150K sets.

e-Park lock actuator is the key part for realization of automatic parking and parking by wire function, the market demand is significantly increasing along with the evolution of the electrification and autonomous driving technology.

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