2022-07-29 20:45:23 By : Mr. Frank Lau

Parents Unite! If you have children under 5, you know they move quickly, and in theory, you cannot take your eyes off those little guys or gals for a second!  I learned that lesson the hard way this past weekend while I was on vacation with my kids. We took a short road trip to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina, for the weekend.

When we got to our hotel room, Dallas and I popped a bottle of wine and sat down to plan the kids activities for our stay. At some point, we stepped out on the terrace with our wine to chat while the kids watched YouTube streaming from my phone. After sitting there for a few minutes, I heard the sliding door behind us shut, and I jumped up in a panic! “Jaxson!” I yelled as I heard the door lock turnover. And in that moment, I knew we were screwed.

As I knocked on the door to get Jaxson’s big brother’s attention, Cash was in his own world. Hypnotize by whatever he was watching on TV. “CASH!” KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! Nothing.

I looked at Dallas and the alligator-infested lagoon that surrounded our room and told my husband, “we’re gonna have to get creative because neither of us are swimming to the front desk.” Then I remembered that Cash was streaming from my phone.

Once I paused the video, Cash’s attention returned (probably looking for help getting the thing started again). Cash to the rescue!  We knocked, and he came over to the door. After some instruction on how to open the door, cash flipped the lock, and we were back inside. Lesson learned!

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