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2022-09-09 21:02:13 By : Mr. Alex Zhou

To help enhance and preserve the quality of life for senior residents in Chelsea, the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board is offering the Senior Home Repair Program. 

The program provides technical assistance and up to $15,000 to income-eligible homeowner-occupants over 65 years old for a number of projects, including improved accessibility to bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways; interior stairlifts; stair and rail repairs; porch and entryway repairs; exterior ramps; door or door handle replacements; and general life safety improvements.

“I was happy to see (the Affordable Housing Trust Fund) have put some money aside for this rehabilitation project for seniors,” said City Manager Thomas Ambrosino. “I think it is a good way to spend some of their money.”

Additional modifications may be made to the home upon review by the City of Chelsea and the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist for reasonableness and pertinence to aging in place. Additional documentation may need to be supplied for approval.

The program provides senior Homeowners making at or below 50 percent of the  Area Median Income (AMI) with a five-year forgivable loan (up to $15,000, 0% interest). All forgivable loans will be forgiven after a five-year term with each year following the loan agreement anniversary resulting in a 20 percent forgiveness of the total principal on the loan. If the homeowner chooses to sell, transfer the property, or does not maintain it as their primary residence the amount of the loan remaining from sell or move out date will be due to the City of Chelsea in a lump sum or through a fixed payment plan approved by the City of Chelsea.

Senior homeowners making between 50 percent AMI to 80 percent AMI are eligible for a deferred payment loan (up to $15,000, 0% interest). All deferred payment loans are required to be repaid at any time where there is a refinance, sale, or transfer of ownership of the rehabilitated property; or at any time when an owner-occupant ceases to occupy the property as the owner-occupant’s primary residence.

English and Spanish applications and information packets are available by mail and e-mail as well as in person at the Chelsea City Hall, Department of Housing and Community Development, 500 Broadway, Room 101. The deadline to apply is Oct. 30. 

Anyone needing assistance understanding the program guidelines or filling out their applications can call (617) 466-4209 or email [email protected] to make an appointment with the program manager.

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