The 2022 Jeep Gladiator Willys Review By Bros Fourr Speed

2022-06-04 02:06:57 By : Ms. Lin Hua

What this 2022 Jeep Gladiator Willys lacks in refinement, it more than makes up with its off-road capabilities and open top experience.

In 1992, the Jeep Commanche pickup truck officially dipped out of production with only 952 examples. People didn't want the Cherokee-based pickup truck because they wanted the Wrangler pickup. 20 years later, Bros FOURR Speed is now able to make a YouTube video reviewing the 2022 Jeep Gladiator Willys Edition, and boy, are we ready for it. Is this the Wrangler pickup that the fans want? The popular YouTube channel finds out.

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The Gladiator that our host is reviewing starts at a relatively competitive price in the pickup truck segment with an MSRP of $54,500. The vehicle sports a black gloss finish with black gloss wheels giving a very bold look. Under the hood, we find the home of a modest 3.6L naturally aspirated V6 engine which pumps out 285 HP and 260 Ft-Lbs of torque which helps push around its 4700 Lbs curb weight. The length of the truck reaches just about 218 inches which makes it about 15 inches shorter than a RAM TRX. The max towing capacity of the vehicle is a little bit low at 4500 Lbs but then again, this is more of an offroad capable truck than a towing vehicle.

The interior is a very interesting place according to our presenter. At the 5:04 mark, we get a look at the interior. Our presenter starts with the removable doors which adorn black plastics with some silver trims around the door handle and buttons. They are very simple making them easy to remove when weather permits. The seats are all manually operated which seems a little peculiar as well in a car that is almost $55,000 but there is a reason for this.

Since Jeep are quite capable off-roaders it is quite easy to get mud and water inside the cab (especially doors off) and the last thing one would want is to struggle with an electric seat that may not work because of a concoction of water, dirt, leaves, sticks, mud and whatever else mother nature can throw at you. The dash is where everything starts to fit together according to our host. He shows us all the features and options including the 8.4-inch center screen which is incredibly user-friendly and waterproof!

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Our host begins his test drive at the 10:37 mark of the video. He tells us that the truck is quite noisy in terms of wind and tire noise. He also lets us know that the ride is quite bumpy and the steering is quite vague. With that in mind, the people who buy these trucks know this. This is not a refined truck for comfort. This is the truck you buy because you want it to start every time and you can literally go anywhere. That's what Jeep has always been about and that is why our host agrees that this truck has kept its Willys heritage and is worth the MSRP.

Pat is a licensed mechanic who has built everything from custom tent trailers to resto-modding a 1950's all Canadian Princecraft boat and everything in between. Pat currently drives a modified '05 Mustang, lifted '08 F250 and a Mercedes E350 Coupe.