Aqara unveils new Smart Door lock with Apple Home Key support | iMore

2022-03-15 03:54:53 By : Mr. RICHARD LI

Aqara has today unveiled a new A100 Zigbee smart door lock that you can use to secure your home and unlock your door with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Zigbee is a mortise-style smart lock that has multiple means of authentication including a fingerprint, numeric passcode, Google Assistant, NFC, and Apple HomeKit as well as Siri and Apple's new Home Key protocol. The hub can connect to mobile devices and home hubs thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. It can also be used with Aqara's home app and other third-party platforms and devices.

What's more exciting is seamless integration with HomeKit and Apple's home key feature in iOS 15 that lets users unlock doors with devices like the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, as well as Siri who can also check if your door is locked.

The A100 also features a 3D fingerprint scanner as well as permanent, one-time, or periodic passwords so you can give access to visitors or someone like a dog walker or cleaner even if you aren't home. Eight AA batteries should be good enough to keep it running for 18 months non-stop, and it can be opened with a key should the worst come to the worst.

Other features include an auto-lock, night latch knob, tamper alert, a door left open alert, and abnormal attempt alert much like the passcode on your iPhone.

The A100 Zigbee is rolling out today in Malaysia and Singapore and will expand to other Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries in the following months.

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