Kevin McCarthy slams the 'hypocrisy' of Mayor Muriel Bowser in using National Guard to help handle migrants.

2022-07-29 20:45:08 By : Ms. Laura Song

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GOP leader Kevin McCarthy criticized the ‘hypocrisy’ of Mayor Muriel Bowser and the White House considering deploying the National Guard to assist in managing migrants being bussed into the nation’s capital but not when protesters ransacked the city to show their opposition to police brutality in the summer of 2020.

In a letter to the Biden administration, Bowser asked for assistance from the National Guard in handling the 4,000 migrants that Texas and Arizona had dumped at the door of Washington, D.C. Republicans were “wrong” to exploit immigrants as a “political pawn,” according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who added that the proposal is being taken into consideration.

Have they ever been to the border if they’re worried about migrants entering America illegally through their cities? R-California McCarthy told during a press conference.

They were hesitant to deploy the National Guard because of what had occurred here during the summer, and they were worried for the safety of the populace merely demonstrates the hypocrisy of the mayor and the White House.

McCarthy reiterated a Republican statement that has been routinely used as border encounters have risen above 200,000 each month since March: “Every single municipality in America is now a border metropolis.

“The GOP leader pointed out that fentanyl is currently the biggest killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45.

In April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott began busing migrants from his border state to Washington, D.C., and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey did the same a month later.

More than 125 buses have traveled more than 2,000 miles from Texas border towns to Washington, D.C., carrying 4,800 migrants since the initiative’s inception.

More than 1,000 passengers on 27 additional buses from Arizona have arrived in the capital.

These numbers only represent a small portion of the 7,000 interactions that occur at the southern border each day.

The number of encounters with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the southern border has reached about 1.75 million, which is more than any other year to this date.

The situation, which Bowser described as a “humanitarian crisis,” swiftly turned into a political controversy as Abbott’s office boasted that the nation’s capital was now going through the same kinds of issues that Texans dealt with on a daily basis.

Officials are discussing the request with Bowser, according to Jean-Pierre.

At her daily briefing, she added, “We have been in continuous contact with Mayor Bowser and her team.”

“And I’ve said this again… Republicans utilizing immigrants as a political pawn is dishonorable and simply wrong.”

The procedure for handling migrants at the border is in place. It’s not this.

According to her, immigrants should be deported in accordance with Title 42, taken into custody, or given to local groups for proper handling.

Therefore, she continued, “Republicans’ actions, including their interference in the process and use of immigrants as a pawn in political games, are simply unacceptable.”

In spotlighting the migrants being transferred to their communities and attributing the influx to Arizona and Texas, Bowser follows New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

She claimed that some 4000 people entered the city illegally after traveling across the border, creating a “tipping point.”

Abbott’s office released a statement in which it claimed that “Washington D.C. finally understands what Texans have been suffering with every single day, as our neighborhoods are overrun and overwhelmed by thousands of illegal immigrants because to President Biden’s open border policies.”

“The mayor should ask President Biden to act immediately to protect the border, as he has not done, if she wants a solution to this situation.

Along our southern border, there is a true humanitarian crisis that continues.

Following Bowser’s request for the National Guard, there is a verbal battle.

In a letter to the Biden administration, Bowser stated that “the volume of arrivals and the tempo of arriving buses have reached critical points.

“Our group’s reaction and service efforts have reached their capacity.

Tragically, she continued, “many families come to Washington, DC with nowhere to go, or they remain in limbo wanting to go on to other parts of the country.”

The request for help comes in response to a recent NBC News investigation that claims 73 migrants were discovered residing in homes owned by human smugglers in Northwest Washington, according to internal papers.

The Homeland Security Investigations unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement located 60 adult migrants and 13 juvenile migrants.

Six residential houses that DHS HSI suspects are run by human smugglers were discovered during the operation.

According to the materials NBC examined, the agents reportedly discovered a small amount of cocaine and $95,000 in cash in addition to the migrants.

The migrants were discovered in Northwest D.C., which is home to some of the city’s wealthiest communities, including Georgetown and Kalorama.

The Obamas paid $8.1 million for a house in Kalorama in 2017.

In the documentation describing where the migrants were discovered or how many were residing in a single home, no addresses or neighborhoods were listed.

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